Kaberg Consulting

Experience & Knowledge

Kaberg Consulting

has been a leading provider of Innovative Advertising Solutions since 1997.
Our objective is to provide all of our clients with highly targeted, cost efficient, strategically planned,
all inclusive and creative advertising campaigns.
We believe in a collaborative effort - Our clients are our partners


We focus on core values for our customers

Media Strategy, Planning and Buying

  • Experienced online and offline media buyers
  • Tough negotiating with added value included in all plans
  • Extensive tracking and ROI analysis
  • Focus on Video, Social and Mobile while not losing sight of strong media mix
  • Cross Platform Integrations
  • Search

  • Research

  • Integrate research into planning process; comScore, Nielsen, etc.
  • Tools for effective buys; used to evaluate target audience, etc.

  • Online Marketing

  • Ability to translate marketing objectives into effective media plans
  • Extend brands across all mediums